Lagos, August 26th - 27th 2018

               As I am writing this journal in my bed, back at home in Munich, “The Adventures of Tintin“ is playing in the background, which is one of my favourite childhood series. The intro of the series begins with him, Tintin, running on the deck of a train and eventually jumping off it into a river. A scene that never seized to amaze me when I was younger. It was only then that I started to realize a certain similarity between the train shown in the intro and the one I took to Lagos, the final destination in Portugal on my Interrail trip.

Sunday, August 26th

Arriving in Lagos on a Sunday, I had imagined for the city to be very calm and with not much going on. I was more than wrong. Not only was the regional train which I had taken from Tunes fully packed both with locals and Backpackers like me, the streets were as well. Neither the heat, nor the fact that it was a Sunday, seemed to impress the people on the streets, which were either visiting and admiring the city’s beauty or sitting in one of the many cafés that were mostly located on the building’s patios and who at least offered some shelter from the burning sun.


I checked-in at my hostel and sat down on one its terrace for a while, reading a book of mine and enjoying the feeling to be in a new city with new people and new things to discover. It didn’t take much time until more people joined me and after merely half an hour, the terrace was fully packed with other residents of the hostel. We had long and nice talks about what had brought us to Lagos, as well as the cities we had visited before arriving here. The hostel I was staying at was known for being a very vivid and open minded one, as well as focussing on people having a good time during their stay. This was usually achieved with a so-called pub-crawl that was held every night, which started in one of the many bars in the city centre and ended in one of the two clubs that remained open after all the bars had closed.


In order to begin a good night out, it is a necessity for me to buy some red wine from a local shop, which was hard to find due to it being a Sunday, but which I eventually got to after having asked some locals, which were more than friendly. Packed with my bottle of wine as well as something to eat, I joined the others which were still sitting on the terrace. Not very long after that we all got up and made our way to one of the first bars which was located directly on the opposite side of the street. A few hours later we entered one of the last bars of our tour, it was in that bar that I met Chelsea, who was working in Lagos during that time and which is a very good friend of mine by now. We immediately connected and continued the night out together with the rest of our group. Early in the morning, I went back to the hostel, exhausted and ready to catch a few hours of sleep.

Monday, August 27th

When I woke up, my room had been empty. Actually, almost the whole hostel had been, which didn’t really surprise me, as it was already quite late. I got up, had some breakfast which consisted of the hostel owners’ hand-made pancakes and packed my bag. As I didn’t really have had the time to explore the city the day before, I decided to make the most of it until the afternoon. Packed with my sunglasses, a big bottle of water as well as my camera, I made my way out of the rural and tiny streets. As I mentioned earlier in a post on my Instagram, Lagos is a city held in white nuances, which, when being shined on by the sun, creates an incredibly colour palette that fully conveys a summerly feeling. It was that feeling that I had hoped to find on my trip, and when I eventually did, it left me with a feeling of deep happiness and warmth.


I returned to the hostel a few hours later, and found myself surrounded by the others again, who had enjoyed their day at the beach which was very close to the hostel. As I would be leaving again tomorrow, I still had to purchase a ticket for the night train from Lisbon to Madrid, thus after having eaten I made my way back to the train station at which I had arrived at the day before. Now, before starting my Interrail trip I had decided to spontaneously make decisions and see where those lead me. I had looked for a few cities I wanted to visit and briefly checked if there were any trains to attend these. But foremost I had wanted to just “go with the flow” and let things happen. Therefore, my surprise wasn’t very big when the lady at the counter of the train station told me that the night train was fully booked out. I had known from the start that situations like this were going to happen and was therefore prepared for them. Since I had already pre-booked an Airbnb for my stay in Madrid, spending another night in Lagos wasn’t really an option, to which I purchased a rather expensive bus ticket from Lisbon to Madrid on the next day.


Nevertheless, happy with how things had turned out, I joined the rest of the people back at the hostel, who were already planning the next pub crawl of the night. I spend some time with them before leaving the hostel again and meeting Chelsea, whom I had decided to spend a nice evening at the beach with. The night was still young, and so were we. 

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